Welcome to the WORLD OF BLACKCHAT!

Please take your time and get used to the new room, bring your friends and settle in, it's up to you to make it enjoyable, it is a wonderful room setup up for Blackchatters and it's FREE!!! (On Test). Enjoy the NEW BC Village Chat, have a fun time and spread the word!!! - This is the place to hang out.

HELP Guide:

Sending Private Messages:

Simply click on the person who you wish to send a PM to and a little menu will appear, select 'Private message' and a box will pop up. Just type your message and wait for a reply.

Change Font Color:

You can change your font color by simply clicking on the 'Color Palette' next to the 'Options' box above the area where you type your text to chat.

Add your own rooms and invite friends:

You can add your own private or public rooms for you to hook up with your friends. At the top the the screen select 'Add', type the name of the room, select Public or Private, then press ok. Now you can start to invite your friends, click on the names of the people you wish to invite and select 'invite' choose the name of your room you wish to invite them to and start chatting.

'Options' Box:

The 'Options' box lets you adjust the sounds in the room, text size, text color, text style and lots more.

'Sending pictures'

You can send pictures to your friends by selecting the person you want to send the file to from the right hand pane. A menu will appear, scroll down to 'Share File' a box will pop up, simply click on 'browse to locate the file you wish to send (JPG or GIF) press select, then press ok.

Rearranging the screen:

You can move the chat panel and the users panel to give you more chat space. Example: Click & Hold on the chat area (above the 'Send' button), then drag box any around the screen you feel comfortable with. this can also be done with the users list on the right had part of the screen

'Loggin out'

To log out just close your broswer down.



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