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WelcomeBlack Chat Rooms (otherwise known as cyber chat) lists a selection of free online chat rooms for Black people from Black African people to African American and Caribbean people dating for all. Open right around the clock no matter what side of the globe you are on, if you are looking for a general chat, there is always a free chat room or a place for you. So why not hook up some of your friends and meet some new ones, find a soul mate, meet, date and have fun or just find a corner and just chill out and buss some jokes. Whatever your mood the place is Black Chat Rooms. Maybe you'll meet a nice Black Man or Black Woman and start dating or maybe you'll just find a friend or friends to chat with. Supports the Rise Above Racism Campaign.
BC Oasis (30+)

Black Chat Oasis

Created for the Over 30's age group, you will find some really interesting convo, from general gossip, light hearted banta to deep intellectual discussion. Some younger folks tend to pop their head in every now and then but it's all good (We all family). Please note by entering Black people Chat free chat rooms, you are bound  by our terms & conditions.


BNVillage the place to express yourself, meet & interact with Black African Caribbean people and friends from all walks of life; Catch up on the news/current affairs, talk about issues facing the Black African community, receive and give advice, find and share information and lots mores. Topics areas are very broad so you you are spoilt for choice. Welcome aboard.

BC Hangout

Black Chat Room Hangout

Wild & Crazy is a suitable word for the Hangout, This chat room was a spin off to Old Style Room and is extremely popular with the younger age group. You'll meet many people from around the UK, so whether you are looking to run some jokes, catch some jokes or even general chit chat, pull up a seat and get in there. Please note by entering Black Chat free chat rooms, you are bound by our terms & conditions. Enjoy!!!

Black Chat Old Style

The Original Room, The first chat room from back in the day mid 90's when black people Chat first started. Watch out for when the action starts. Hook up your friends, relax out and bring the noise. Please note by entering Black Chat free chat rooms, you are bound  by our terms & conditions.

The Manor Chat Room

Pop in and say hello. This room was put in place as a chat area for younger adults, it can get mad at times but hook up your friends and chill out.

BlackProfiles Black Singles Dating

BlackProfiles Dating is an online dating and friend finder where you can find black singles. There are thousands of UK men and women online right now, so why not give it a go?

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